I was invited to join this blogtag by author and publisher Barbara Scott-Emmett.  Barbara has written several novels that she has e-published through her own e-publishing firm Pentalpha Publishing.  Her upcoming novel DELIRIUM:  The Rimbaud Delusion will be published this Autumn by Triskele Books.  Find out more about Barbara Scott-Emmett and her published novels at her blogsite

So, to partake in the BlogTag, I must answer four questions on my writing.  Here we go!

  1.  WHAT AM I WORKING ON?Currently I am working on two novels; DEMANDS and THE FISHERMAN (working title).  DEMANDS is well underway and the first draft is half-written, whereas THE FISHERMAN is in its elementary stages.  Both are conspiracy novels, but completely different from each other.  DEMANDS follows four women from four different countries whose lives are intertwined around an international conspiracy, pivoting on the most unlikely heroine, whereas THE FISHERMAN is a daughter’s search for her clandestine father.
  2. HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS OF ITS GENRE?I think a lot of conspiracy stories we read or we watch on the big or small screen focus on the people in power, explosions and assassins.  I am more concerned with how the lives of normal everyday people are affected by what goes on around them, and how normal everyday people are affected by global forces.  I am also concerned with how normal everyday people can do something to change things for the better.
  3. WHY DO I WRITE WHAT I WRITE?Like a lot of writers, I am interested in people.  I am a social care worker by trade with a strong interest in complex mental health, as well as a passion for social justice which is the backdrop for all of my writing. 

    I grew up in Blackpool, the vice capital of the UK.  Daily murders, headless corpses, the adult and child sex industries blatant on the main streets, so many neon lights, night club after pub after bar after night club, elephants and giraffes running along the beach, a rip-off of The Eiffel Tower and candy floss.  As a child I saw a lot of things as normal and I did not question them at all.  When I returned to live there as an adult, I saw these things with an adult’s eyes and an adult’s understanding.  I guess part of the reason I write conspiracies is because I grew up around outlandish things and outlandish behaviour. 

  4. HOW DOES MY WRITING PROCESS WORK?After COMING BACK TO LIFE was published when I lived in Blackpool, I joined a writing group – Seasiders Write – that was run by my former youth club leader and accomplished author and editor, Neil Bromage.  (  One day when I’m not so busy, I’m going to dig out what I wrote in Neil’s class and see if I can polish the work for human consumption. 


    After I moved to Edinburgh, I spent some time wandering around in the wilderness, writing a lot of stuff that simply did not work!  Barbara Scott-Emmett led Visible Ink, and while I attended that group, I knew I had good ideas but I knew they were not coming out right, and so I shelved them.

    Now we come to the present day!  My novel writing process often begins with a song whose lyrics or mood interest me.  The two triggers for The Fisherman were the songs The Outsiders by REM and The Fisherman by The Imagined Village.  From those two tracks is the story of a man who emigrates from The Balkans to become an intelligence officer, and then in middle age he has a total crisis of confidence in his work and runs away.  A lot of the storyline will come from dreams, which is where a lot of the storyline and scenery of COMING BACK TO LIFE came from.  The story of The Fisherman is told through the eyes of his daughter who has found out where he lives and is now travelling to meet him.  As the story unfolds, the daughter finds out all of her father’s secrets and who he really is.  Does she still want to meet this man who abandoned her?

    The writing process for DEMANDS has been a different process entirely.  The triggers for DEMANDS came from my interest in population growth and in women’s rights.  Sometimes a period of mental illness can spark an idea, and that is what really brought together the idea for DEMANDS, as well as recently giving me the plot device that will transform the story I wrote in Edinburgh.  DEMANDS is a murder mystery, it is a science-fiction novel set in 2022 and it is a conspiracy tale.  DEMANDS does take a lot more research than other fiction I have written because of the cultures involved, and it takes a lot more thought because a development in one character’s storyline will have an impact another.

    With DEMANDS, I am writing the four characters’ storylines separately.  When I finish the first draft, I will take my scissors and glue to literally cut and paste the draft so that the storylines will be placed in the order I want them to occur.  I’ve never written like this before, so it is a challenge, but for the moment I am simply enjoying writing about four entirely different women who each become a powerful force in the world.


It has to be GERALDINE WARD!

geraldine 2


Geraldine Ward has been writing and performing various forms of poetry and prose from an early age, and is a regular contributor at the London Farrago Poetry Slam nights. She has published a number of books including the “Now” collection, and has featured in other publications including Katie Metcalfe’s “Beautiful Scruffiness” series of magazines and most recently “Fires in the North”. She is currently working on editing “Catherine Hume’s Revolting”, juggling writing with marriage and motherhood.


About catherinehume

Catherine Hume: Writer, social care worker and a liver of a life less ordinary.
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