The remains of what’s left. It’s not right. Not right at all. And there’s not many of us left. Not many of us left at all.

We sailed our boat in search of The Promised Land. The promises were broken. We were broken. We arrived on a different shore to find it was the same. Our spirits were broken.

I tried to turn back. But they turned their backs. The friends became enemies, breaking their promises, right, left and centre. Breaking the back of fellowship, they turned away from me.

So there I was, paddling my own canoe, in search of The Promised Land. Arriving on different shores, I see they are the same. I am searching for other soul survivors, desperate to discover more than relics of a time passed. Besides that, I don’t know what else remains.

The world – including the Christian world – is becoming more and more polarised; left wing and right wing. The middle ground seems to be disappearing. We need people to stand in the centre, to bring balance to our world. ‘Soul survivors’ refers to the book SOUL SURVIVOR by Philip Yancey.


About catherinehume

Catherine Hume: Writer, social care worker and a liver of a life less ordinary.
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