Poppy was an honest girl.   She saw no reason not to be.  That was until 11th May 2016.  Poor Poppy.

She could see the Sea of Tranquility every night in her dreams.  Poppy knew what it was that she saw, and she knew that it was not normal for any little girl to see – in real time – the surface of The Moon without the aid of special apparatus.  She certainly knew that it was not normal for any little girl to see what special apparatus could not see.

Poppy’s parents – Susan and Richard – were not negligent in their duties at all.  In fact, ever since Poppy’s vivid dreams had begun, her father had encouraged her to draw what she saw.  Over morning coffee and evening chai, Poppy’s mother had insisted that Poppy’s dreams of The Moon came from their holiday in Greenland.  Poppy had been inspired and taken aback by The Northern Lights, and she had been curious and stirred by the perpetual darkness with a Moon which never went to bed.

The arrival of the shimmering blue morphing creatures who came out from the various lakes on The Moon were indicative of Poppy’s intelligence and creativity, according to Susan.

Su had been there for her child that day when the little girl had run to her, crying.  The landing of the current Moon exploration team had spelt disaster for the Moon People who lived in the waters beneath the white, dusty rock.

This is the beginning of my first short story for quite a while.  It needs a bit of polishing, but it’s almost there.  Poor Poppy.


About catherinehume

Catherine Hume: Writer, social care worker and a liver of a life less ordinary.
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