A Word Of Thanks

While I am working on another project at the moment, I want to thank everyone who has been following my blog. I don’t know all your names but these are the countries from which you hail:

Australia – g’day and thank you mates!

Belgium – ik heb in Gent gewoond en j’habitais à Bruxelles. J’adore Belgique! Ik hou van België!

Bolivia – hola! Gracias!

Canada – bonjour! La plupart de ma famille habite en Canada. Most of my family live in Canada. I love Lake Louisa and the rest of your beautiful nation!

Czech Republic – senza Borge! Thank you!

France – J’adore votre nation! Surtout Bourgogne et les frères et les soeurs de Taizé. Merci pour me suivre.

India – Thank you for following me. You have a great nation.

Ireland – Failte! Ní laorimdh. My Irish is terrible but I love your capital city and I hope to return soon.

Kenya – Thank you for following me. My next main character of my next book is Kenyan. She is a superhuman. Any pointers you can give me with the accuracy of her character would be appreciated!

Nigeria – Thank you for following me. I would love to write the project I started about the part of Lagos that is a floating village. I will write it when there are enough hours in the day!

Philippines – Thank you for following me. The Philippines have been close to my heart since I met Craig Burrows who teaches in Manilla.

Spain – hola! Gracias! I loved spending time in the South of your nation last year. There was a special Picasso exhibition in Malaga that I was fortunate to see, and my historian husband spent a lot of time in Fuerigola at the Roman site.

South Africa – Thank you for following me. My brother has lived in South Africa for over five years now and loves it. If you  want cheap, solar powered electricity, he is your man.

Switzerland – thank you for following me. I was lucky enough to be driven past Lac Génève – such a beautiful place. I hope to return.

UK – thank you to everyone who follows me from my home. We have a great collection of nations with amazing sights and things to do, from London to the Hay On Wye festival in Wales to rock climbing in Edinburgh to the new nation that is appearing in Northern Ireland. We have a lot to celebrate!

USA – thank you to the people who follow me from America. I would love to visit one day. God bless your country.




About catherinehume

Catherine Hume: Writer, social care worker and a liver of a life less ordinary.
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