Posing Questions: Have You Called Your Mother/Father/Elders Lately?

I hope you all are enjoying Pose Series 2. While I find issues in it or “problematic” areas in the script, I really do enjoy watching this drama, and the love and warmth it gives and hopefully inspires in us, the viewers.

Episode 5 starts with Damon auditioning for Madonna’s tour. Wow! We get to see Damon dancing. When Mother Blanca talks about raw talent, I want her to be talking about this raw talent; Damon’s dancing. He mixes both classical ballet moves in with contemporary. A true joy to watch.


OK, hold onto your hats. Here comes the identity politics. Damon’s dance teacher is talking about her own dance experience. “… a Black woman taking up space in those white auditoriums.”

Were there no Black people working, earning and buying theatre tickets in 1990? Come on Pose! This is just lazy racial stereotyping of both Black and white New Yorkers.

I love how this episode sees Damon raising the bar higher and higher for himself in terms of his dance career, and also in his personal life. He doesn’t get the Madonna tour, but he gets to dance on the reboot of a pop chart programme. While he makes sure Ricky gets the pop music programme job alongside him, he refuses to take Ricky back as a partner. Damon is making choices for his life. He is laying down the foundation stones so that he can build the life he wants for himself.

We also see Blanca’s family – the family she has built – holding hands around the dinner table without being asked. They automatically hold hands. This is beautiful.

I want to take this opportunity – once again – to celebrate the grassroots LGBT workers in our towns and cities. These are the people who devote their time, their mind space, their energy, often everything for the betterment of LGBT people and our lives. If you are an LGBT person, think about your local LGBT worker(s). Think about the elders in your own life. Think about the older LGBT people who have given you time and given you the benefit of their experience. I want to encourage you all to say thank you to those elders who have been special in your life, who have been there for you when you needed someone. Many of us would not be where we are now without those elders. We have much to be thankful for.

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Catherine Hume: Writer, social care worker and a liver of a life less ordinary.
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