What COVID-19 Is and Isn’t

Hello everyone and love to everyone who is self isolating… which should be most people. Hello and best wishes to you all.

There have been some conspiracy theories going around saying that the corona virus is a hoax, it’s a way for governments to push draconian laws to control the population, and I’ve even heard someone seriously talk about the New World Order and the Cabal.

Most of my clients are in Chinese people living in China. I have British colleagues who are still in China. The corona virus is not a hoax, it was not designed by America to control the American people and I shouldn’t have to say that the New World Order and the Cabal are utter nonsense.

My British colleagues in China have spoken about seeing their neighbours put into ambulances and entire blocks of flats nailed or welded shut. However, the poise and grace with which Chinese children and adults have dealt with this crisis is a real testament to their character and inner strength. It has been embarrassing to see some of the hysterical reactions of people in the UK. Now is not the time to panic buy or hate on people or spread conspiracy theories. Our countries need us and we should be ready to respond. One meme says, “Our grandparents were called upon to go to war. We are being asked to sit on the sofa and wash our hands. Don’t fuck this up.”


Already, we are seeing people and organisations trying to score political points. One transwoman claimed that corona was discovered by a transwoman and that transwomen are always protecting society. No, COVID-19 was discovered by a male Chinese doctor who is now dead. Transwomen tend to not work in the emergency services, although some do work in social care alongside other men and women.

Some LGBT organisations have said that corona disproportionately affect LGBT people. No it does not. Corona disproportionately affects elderly people and disabled people.

The claim that corona affects more LGBT people comes from the fact that complications with corona affects people with HIV and lung cancer, and more LGBT people smoke than heterosexual people, and in recent years HIV has been transmitted to LGBT people more than to heterosexual people. So it is not being attracted to the same sex or having gender dysphoria that makes a person vulnerable to corona, but lifestyle choices; smoking and unprotected sex.

To American and British conspiracy theorists I want to say the world does not revolve around you. Thousands of people have died across the world of the corona virus. They did not die just so that you can’t go shopping. It’s incredibly self-centred to think in this way and disrespectful to the people who have died and the tens of thousands of others who are ill in hospital or at home.

While some people’s selfishness is being revealed, we are seeing doctors and nurses and care workers putting their lives at risk to care for those who are ill with the corona virus. Several medical staff in the UK have died already as a result. We are seeing celebs and musicians doing fun things to cheer people up. We have bands live streaming performances and asking that fans give however much money they can. Local people are organising to pick up people’s food shopping and medication for them. In the coming weeks, we are going to see the worst but also the best of humanity.

So, while we are self isolating, my advice is to use this time wisely. Find a hobby, return to hobbies you haven’t had time for recently, exercise every day, while we still can go for walks in green spaces while social distancing and take some time to look at your life. Where do you want to be in your life when we come out of isolation? Do you want a different job? There are many online courses, and you can look on Groupon for huge discounts on online courses. Do you want to be happier? Look at self help books and religion. Use this time wisely to make your life better.

Take care everyone x

About catherinehume

Catherine Hume: Writer, social care worker and a liver of a life less ordinary.
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